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Breast augmentation — also known as augmentation mammoplasty — is a surgical procedure to increase breast size. During breast augmentation, breast implants are placed under the breast tissue or chest muscles.

For some women, breast augmentation is a way to enhance self-image and self-confidence. For others, breast augmentation is part of breast reconstruction after surgery for breast cancer or other conditions affecting the breast.

If you’re considering breast augmentation, consult your  plastic surgeon. Make sure you understand what surgery involves, including possible risks, complications and follow-up care.

Breast reduction can help provide relief from physical discomfort, while the aim of augmentation more often relates to appearance. Breast reduction may also reduce the risk of breast cancer in women who are at high risk of the disease.

Mastopexy, or a breast lift, involves removing skin and glandular tissue to make the breasts smaller and rearranging the remaining tissue to make the breast appear lifted.

Depending on how much volume a patient has lost or desires, mastopexy can be combined with an implant. While it is similar to a breast reduction, which removes a much greater amount of tissue.

Male breast reduction treats gynecomastia, It is growth of the male breast region as women’s breast. Some medicines or hormonal instability may cause this illness. If the mass is only comprised of fat tissue, liposuction can be performed. In the case the mass grows excessively and makes the breasts sagging, removal of the mass along with the excess skin may be necessary an enlargement of the mammary tissue in men. It may be done by liposuction or with various scar patterns, often hidden around the nipple and areola.


Created:February 12, 2019

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