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Labiaplasty, labioplasty, labia minor reduction, or labial reduction involves surgery of the labia majora or labia minora of the vulva, a part of the female genitalia. The have a wider or oversized vagina compared to normal is one of the important sexual problems that can occur between couples. Vaginal tightening surgery is an esthetic surgery performed to correct this situation. The inconsistency between vagina and male reproduction organ may create problem in both partners in terms of orgasm.

Although vagina demonstrates personal discrepancies, it allows two fingers to enter tightly in a female who did not give birth. The lengthwise folds existing at the rear and front walls may increase the expansion in the vagina. The length of vagina is seven to nine centimeters in average. Again many cross-wise folds exiting in the vagina ensure the elongation in length. The muscles in the vagina structure extending transversely and lengthwise provide the vagina to adapt the male reproduction organ. However, in some cases vagina loosens excessively and it cannot demonstrate adaptation to male reproductive organ.

In some females, the dimensions of vagina may be larger than normal structurally. Apart for this, normal deliveries, the occurrence of rupture during the delivery (delivery rupture), performing many delivery, not to suture the episiotomy incision in due form or stitches opening, delivery of huge infant, decrease of the vagina elasticity and becoming lose with increasing age can be listed as other causes.

With the expansion of the vagina structure, sagging in the urinary bladder and in the bowels also toward the vagina happens. Sagging in the urinary bladder may lead to urinary incontinence, urgency. At the same, vagina expansion prevents wetting during the sexual intercourse and it increases more the problem.

When vagina expansion and the related sexual problems take place, the esthetic surgical procedure that should be done is the vagina tightening surgery. In the vagina tightening surgery, a longitudinal part from the rear wall of vagina is removed. While repairing, the muscle layer and the mucosa layer are sutured separately.

Vagina tightening surgery is rather performed under the local anesthesia. It is also possible to perform under the general anesthesia. When it is performed under the local anesthesia, you may return back home by walking following the surgery. The surgery may last almost for one hour. Since degradable sutures are used, there is no suture removing problem. Following the vagina tightening antibiotics and analgesic drugs are used. Following the vagina tightening surgery, sexual intercourse is forbidden for four to six weeks.

Other sexual plastic surgeries such as vagina esthetics, labioplasty, and clitoral esthetic surgery can be performed with vagina tightening surgery.

Our surgeon has extensive training in America and is registered with the American Plastic Surgeons association and can also  perform a full sex change.


Created:February 12, 2019

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