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One of the most important problems is the length of the penis, the width of the penis and its functionality. Nowadays, males complain of the several shape disorders, thinness, and obliqueness in their penises and thus, they may prefer penis esthetics surgery. Penis length extension surgery, penis thickening surgery can be done in the due to the many reasons.

What is the  size of a normal penis?

The length of a penis which is not erected yet can be five to eight centimeters. When the penis comes to erection, it grows in length and in width and, its volume increases and extension takes place in its length. In case of erection, a normal penis can reach to a length of thirteen to fifteen centimeters in average. In that case, penises which are shorter than these values (eleven to twelve centimeters) are accepted as short and according to the demand of the patient, he or she can be accepted as a candidate for penis enlargement process. Penis thickness may demonstrate discrepancies from person to person.

How is Penis Length Extension surgery performed?

In our clinic, the unseen portion of the penis is stuck out by loosening the superficial and hanging ligaments of the penis in the penis extension surgeries. In the method that we apply; extension is ensured by emerging the normally existing part of the penis which is unseen. This extension situation manifests itself either the penis is dull or in the erection case. This penis length extension surgery method that I prefer is one of the applied methods which is the most current in the world and which is the most preferred method. It does not cause any loss of sense or loss of sensation in the penis. Actually, the procedure that we perform is the process of proceeding the tissue of penis that remains inside. In conclusion, a maximum net extension of three to four centimeters is obtained in the penis.

The thickening procedure of the penis is ensured by injecting the fat tissue taken from the patient himself or herself into the penis. Fats are taken by means of liposuction technic. No significant trace persists in the place where the fat is taken. Waist region or the inner side of the leg are the frequently preferred regions for the fat extraction.

Penis surgeries can be established with local anesthesia and sedation anesthesia. Thus, the patient may return to his or her home following the surgery without being narcotized via general anesthesia and without feeling pain during surgery. In some cases, if liposuction is planned particularly to the upper portion of the penis root, general anesthesia is preferred.
Following the procedure, our patients should apply sexual abstinence for one month.


Created:February 12, 2019

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