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Arrival in Turkey. Transfer to Hotel, or direct to the hospital depending on arrival time, where you will be met by our Get Slim in Turkey Representative.  You will then be taken to the hospital by your representative to meet the doctor who will perform the operation and for all Pre-op Blood Tests, Pre-Op Radiology and Pre-Op Other Physician Consultations. Once satisfactorily completed, you will be able to proceed for surgery.
Day 1 :  Admission to hospital and surgery.
Day 2 :  Post-operative recovery in hospital
Day 3 :  Post-operative  recovery in hospital – leak test and consultation with dietician
Day 4 :  Post-operative  discharge from hospital either to the hotel or direct to airport depending on flight details.


Prior To Surgery

First you need to decide to have the operation and once you have made your decision the rest is easy.   We will guide you step by step through the procedure and arrange everything for you offering support pre-, during and post-surgery.

At Hospital:

·Your surgeon is going to plan your surgery, evaluate body type, carry out pre-operative blood tests, and arrange other investigations
·All other consultations by other relevant specialities must be done to be accepted for this surgery
·After all investigations are complete and you have been given the all-clear for the surgery you will be admitted to the hospital and prepared for surgery.


·You will not be allowed to eat or drink anything from midnight before your surgery. You will have been given any medication you are required to take.
·You’ll check into pre-op and meet the Doctor, your Nurse and your Anaesthetist. You will change into your hospital gown, operation stockings and remove all jewellery.  You will then sign the needed consents and have an in-dwelling intravenous cannula inserted. The medical staff will use this for administration of anaesthetic and medications. You’ll be given medication to help you relax. When you wake up you’ll be in recovery,  The anaesthetist will take care of you until you feel good. Once cleared, you’ll be wheeled up to your private room where your hospital partner will have already settled in.
·Typically, within the first 5 hours after surgery, you’ll be asked to get up and take a few steps. This helps reduce the risk of blood clots and alleviate any  shoulder pain associated with the CO2 left in your abdomen from the surgery (CO2 is used to inflate your abdomen during the procedure).


Recovery from gastric sleeve surgery for most is not too painful.  However, each person experiences pain differently and different pain medications work better than others for different individuals.  Your pain relief will be monitored by the medical team.
In most cases you will  be in the hospital for 3 days but it is important to follow the Doctor’s orders.
Below are some general guidelines for after you are discharged from the hospital. You will have more specific guidelines to follow in your discharge instructions and our post-op handbook.

Sip your liquids constantly.
It’s easy to become dehydrated. You aren’t getting any liquids from food your first week post-op. Sip slowly, but make sure you drink plenty.

Bowel movements
Bowel movements may be less and difficult. Constipation is normal the first week after your surgery. However, don’t hesitate to call your surgeon or our carer if you are having issues.

During your stay in the hospital all pain relief will be monitored and controlled by the Doctor and nursing staff.  Once discharged from the hospital you will be given pain killers to take if you need them.
You will receive a prescription for a stomach protector that decreases the acidity in your stomach, which you will be required to take for several months. This helps to prevent heartburn and will reduce pressure on your healing pouch.
Unless otherwise advised by your surgeon, you can resume taking your usual medications. Ask the doctor about your medications.

Walk as much as you can. This helps the healing process and starts you on the path to include exercise in to your daily routine.  This is the best medicine for fast healing.
·Don’t lift anything heavy. This can put undue pressure on your stitches.
·Some peope feel fatigued and more  tired after surgery for a few weeks. This is due to the reduced calorie consumption while your  body is adjusting.

Showering & Bathing
You will be able to shower after the 5th day.

Going back to work.
You can typically return in 7 days depending on the physicality of your job.
Most people return after 10 days  at full strength.

Loosing Weight with Gastric Sleeve Surgery
The average weight loss within a year from surgery  is 60% of your excess weight . You will loose weight the fastest within the first three months and after that you will continue to  loose weight for about 18 months but at a slower rate.You can support your weight loss with excersie too.


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