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Migraine, one of the most common diseases in the world, affects approximately 22 percent of women in Europe and 11 percent of men.

The diagnosis of migraine should be diagnosed and diagnosed by the neurologist. av Drug treatment is started but migraine patients who have 2 or 3 attacks in one month under drug treatment and who can not use or want to use drugs due to the side effects of drug treatment are suitable candidates for surgery. It is possible to achieve 90% treatment rate with migraine surgery


The treatment is carried out by loosening and relieving the nerves that trigger migraine. Therefore, in the closed (endoscopic) procedures performed by micro cameras, we detect and relieve migraine. We do this by intervening in the muscles that press the nerves. We perform the operation with endoscopic method which we call closed method without leaving any trace. This surgery is in no way a brain and important organs related surgery. The surgery is performed only under the skin with risk-free interventions in risk-free areas. After migraine surgery, there is no trace and the patient can return to his daily life and work in a short time. 9 out of 10 patients benefit from this operation. Her

Patients are discharged on the same day after surgery. Up to 4 weeks, migraine-induced pain regresses. The patient can return to normal life in a short time. Surgical scars are not visible from the outside because they are hidden inside the scalp

he operation is not associated with any life-threatening tissues. The success rate of the operation is approximately dBs. Seventy percent of the attacks are completely kybolur, the remaining 20 in the number of attacks in the severity of attacks and the drug used in a significant decrease.

Main Migraine Regions;

The forehead, the temple, the nose, the nape of the neck.

Minor Migraine Regions;

Oriculotemporal, small occipital, side branch of the forehead.

The basis of migraine surgery is to remove the pressure on the branches of the trigeminal nerve. The interaction of corrugator muscle and trigeminal nerve in most patients leads to migraine pain.

The Korrugator muscle is the muscle that is positioned on the eyebrows and basically provides the ın eyebrow scratch “and other symptoms of the face. Since this muscle compresses the branches of the trigeminal nerve, migraine pain occurs.

Surgical operation is performed with a small incision in the eyelid and these muscles are taken and the nerve is relaxed. It can also be called a kind of nerve entrapment operation. In this way, the triggering of migraine pain ends and the patient is relieved of migraine pain.

The same method is also observed for the migraine pain in the temple. Only the nerve in this region is taken completely. Some of the muscles that provide nerve compression in the neck area are removed and the nerve is relaxed.


Created:February 12, 2019

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