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    English – October 2018

    Hi Tracey

    To Get Slim In Turkey:

    After a lot of research and chatting to Tracey and Amanda at GSIT, along with a couple of other ladies who'd had a sleeve, I booked my flight and my Op was booked.

    I was picked up by Amanda and taken to Ekol Hospital in Izmir, about 20 mins from airport. The hospital international patient co ordinator met us and took me through everything. This was easy and straightforward.All the tests and checks were completed easily and in a timely manner, from heart to chest to lungs to having endoscopy. I wasn't aware of this being done as sedated and slept happily. Seeing the consultants, with the co ordinator translating was easy and reassuring, trusting everyone every step of the way.

    I was taken to my room, very clean and comfortable, and got ready to go for op. I don't remember anything about the op after mild sedation so not aware of going to theatre!  Found myself back in my room on a drip and feeling sleepy. I did have wind pain but was up and walking around to alleviate this. Each day then I was walking up and down the corridor, even up and down stairs, to going outside and sitting in sun.

    Amanda was with me throughout the 3 days and nights I was in hospital from Tuesday morning to Friday morning. They interpret everything so never an issue understanding consultant or nurses. The care from nurses was outstanding. Constantly coming in to check drip/any meds/change dressings, anything I needed, no problem.

    The cleaning staff were in 2 to 3 times a day, again everything clean and spotless. The ensuite shower room had all the extras from soap to gels to toothbrush etc so nothing needed.

    On the Thursday the surgeon came in and explained everything that had been done. Very clear and concise.

    Also went to see Dietician who explained about the first few weeks and ongoing food plan. 2 weeks liquid, 2 weeks pureed food, 2 weeks soft food. High protein! 2 litres of water a day. Mint tea my saviour. A simple and clear plan to follow.

    As for liquids for 2 weeks, I was allowed sips of water from Thursday. Protein shakes from Friday. I found I had to sip little and often, no gulps, no straw. Found this easy but never felt hungry or missed food. All so easy and didn't realise I'd had an operation.

    On Friday I was discharged along with all my notes in English and Turkish.

    I also bought the pack of protein shakes, tummy protector tablets and blood thinner injections (10 days, easy and quick self inject in tummy). All could be taken in hand luggage. I was taken in hospital car to Doubletree Hilton Hotel in Izmir for the night. Beautiful hotel with lovely bedroom, awesome rooftop views over Izmir and sea. Very relaxing and great staff. I went out shopping and sat in sun on rooftop area for while.

    The next day the hospital car took me to the airport for my flight home. I did have assistance at airport as couldn't lift my case or walk too far (bad back and little tired from op). But not everyone would need assistance! Flight home was easy, slept well. Arrived home to start my new life, my sleeve and I.

    If you're travelling with friend, or partner, they stay in room at hospital too and have 3 meals a day included.

    The sleeve has been the best decision for me.After years of eating too much, not in control of portion sizes, yo yo dieting, eating healthy then eating junk food, losing weight, putting more back on, the sleeve has stopped all this for me. It's a tool to help the above. I'm not feeling hungry but want something to eat or drink. I now want healthy and tasty food, from cheese to soup to high protein chicken and fish.

    6 weeks on I am 2 stone down, 3/4 dress sizes down, feel amazing, everyone says I look so well, sparkling eyes, fresh skin, no more bloated look. So 15stone 7lbs to 13 stone 7lbs, dress size 20/18 to 14/12, 5 feet 8 inches tall.

    I'd highly recommend the sleeve to anyone wanting to lose weight, control eating, look and feel better, and overall feel like a new person, in my opinion.

    So a huge thankyou to Tracey and her team and all the staff at Ekol Hospital. Words aren't enough really but I'm sure they get great satsifaction from seeing all our results!

    English – October 2018

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