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The gastric sleeve is performed by a minimally invasive technique known as laparoscopy which allows the surgeon to operate though 3-5 very small abdominal incisions. During the procedure, a large portion of the stomach is removed, leaving a small tube shaped pouch. The surgeon will insert a viewing tube contained a small camera and other small surgical tools into the tiny incisions to guide him as he removes a portion of the stomach which is sealed and closed. Patients get general anesthesia for the operation and it takes around 1.5 hours to perform.

Gastric Sleeve Recovery
Following gastric sleeve surgery, patients can expect to experience some discomfort for the first few days and most will need pain medication during that time. The pain feels like when you have been working out at the gym for the first time – discomfort with movement.

Gastric Sleeve Post-op Diet
Your weight loss surgeon in Turkey will provide you with specific instructions regarding your diet and eating regime. For the first month following surgery, your stomach can only handle small amounts of soft foods and liquids while you are healing.
It’s importing to try to sip water and stay hydrated. You may also notice that your bowel movements are not as regular after the surgery and this is completely normal. You will gradually be able to add solid foods back into your diet. You must chew food well and you must stop eating when you feel full. This might need some getting used to, because you can feel full after eating small quantities of food.
If you failed to chew your food well, or do not stop eating when you’re full, you may feel discomfort or nausea and may sometimes vomit.

Why Travel to Turkey for Obesity Surgery?

·Combine your surgery with a holiday either for 1 or 2 weeks for you and your partner.

·Turkish hospitals have been performing gastric sleeve surgery for over 10 years and it has now become the most commonly performed weight loss procedure in Turkey and in fact all around the world.

·Turkey is renowned for providing leading bariatric surgeries to international patients.

·Get Slim In Turkey surgeons are highly experienced with gastric sleeve procedures backed by a well-trained team who have performed surgery on thousands of patients suffering from morbid obesity

·Turkey has the highest number of JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited healthcare institutions of any country in the world.

·Turkey is presently recognized as a competitive and high technology healthcare destination treating thousands of foreign patients every month from Europe and neighboring countries.

·Safe, high quality bariatric procedures

·Performs the latest methods in bariatric surgery in modern private hospitals.

· Competitively priced, affordable surgical packages and prices

·Friendly and approachable Doctors and healthcare staff offering support and checkups for 2 years post surgery


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